Leadership Anna


Thank you for your interest in the Leadership Anna Program (“Program”). To assist the Selection Committee in giving you full consideration, please complete the Application as accurately and completely as possible.

To be eligible to participate in the Program, you must:

  • Be eighteen (18) years of age or older
  • Have lived and/or worked in the City of Anna, the boundaries of Anna ISD or been a Greater Anna Chamber member for at least one year prior to January  1, 2021
  • Have a desire to become an active leader in the Anna community
  • Possess high standards of personal quality and integrity
  • Be willing and able to commit the time required for the Program and class volunteer project hours
  • If employed, have the support of your employer to participate in the Program and Employer Commitment Form submitted by application deadline

The Leadership Anna Advisory Committee (“LAAC”) may, in its sole discretion, restrict participation in the Program by, among other things, selecting Participants and limiting the class size. As set forth below, Participants are selected based on both objective and subjective criteria, equally applied to all applicants. The LAAC has sole discretion in the selection of the participants and its decision is not appealable.

For each Leadership Anna class, the LAAC strives to select participants that represent the diversity of the residents of Anna, as well as representatives from businesses, educational institutions, professional and civic organizations, and the government of Anna. This means many highly qualified applicants may not be immediately placed. However, the Selection Committee considers sustained interest in making their selections, so we encourage you to reapply if you are not selected this time.

In addition to completing the Application, a member of the Selection Committee may contact you for a phone interview. Applicants are also invited to attend a “meet and greet” where you will have the opportunity to meet members of the LAAC and the Selection Committee. While attendance at the meet and greet is not required, applicants are strongly encouraged to attend.


Participants are required to attend weekly classeson Thursday, weekly for three hours. Each class focuses on different topics, including local government, education, public safety, social services, health services, regional issues, economic development, as well as team building and leadership skills. Classes generally include hands-on experiences, and presentations, directed by civic leaders and specialists, who are experts in their fields.

Meals and/or snacks are donated by Anna area businesses, organizations, and/or governmental bodies and may be served prior to or during class break time. Participants with dietary restrictions should plan to provide their own food on class days as the Program cannot accommodate or ensure the food provided will meet such restrictions.

In addition to weekly class days, Participants are required to attend various city and school district meetings, and research and present on a city department. Participants must also participate in a class project. Development of the class project will be done outside of regular class days. Participants must commit to these attendance requirements and sign an Attendance Addendum acknowledging they understand and agree to these requirements.


As stated above, your attendance is mandatory. Participants may miss up to One (1) hour of class time and still be eligible to graduate from the Program, as set forth in the Attendance Addendum. No exceptions will be made to the One-Hour Rule.

All classes will be held in-person.  Should regulations or situations out of our control not allow for in-person sessions, the class will be held via Zoom.

Please see the Leadership Anna Dates and class dates.


The cost to participate in the Program is $350.00 (“Tuition”). Members of the Anna Chamber of Commerce receive a member discount so Tuition due is $300.00. Tuition must be paid within ten (10) business days after you are notified you have been selected to participate in the Program. All payments, including Tuition, are non-refundable. In addition, Tuition will not be prorated if you fail to complete the program, regardless of reason. All checks and money orders should be paid to the Greater Anna Chamber of Commerce with “Leadership Anna” in the memo section . If you wish to pay by credit card, please contact the Greater Anna Chamber of Commerce.

Leadership Anna strives to ensure all those interested in participating in the Program may do so. As such, limited need-based scholarships may be available on an individual basis. The request for scholarship assistance should be indicated on the Application.


All Applications must be received no later than 5:00 PM on July 16, 2021. All applications must be submitted electronically, and late applications will not be considered.  Please answer every question and provide as much detail as possible in your answers, including all activities, offices, volunteer opportunities, etc. Do not be modest; however, your responses are limited to the spaces provided. Information submitted outside the Application, such as resumes or letters of recommendation, will not be considered. Please include all information you would like the Selection Committee and the LAAC to consider in your responses in the Application. Please ensure your contact information, specifically your phone number(s) and email address(es), are correct; most communications will be via email.


Now Accepting Applications until July 16, 2021

An integral part of the Application is the Attendance Participant Release of Personal Information.  You must agree to both aspects of the form as a condition of your participation in the Program. Upon refusal, the LAAC may, in its sole discretion, revoke your invitation to participate in the Program.