Although Anna was incorporated in 1913, the town sprang in to life in the mid 1800’s with the arrival of pioneers staking their claim to a better life on the Texas high plains. By the late 1,800s, Anna had stores, a post office, a gristmill, churches, and a strong sense of community and operated as a center of agriculture and ranching.

The origins of Anna’s name is not clear. As Anna historian Chester Howell writes in the 1985 document titled, “A Town Named Anna,” several stories give different accounts.

In one version, the town gets its name from Anna Greer, daughter of John F. Greer, Anna’s first mayor. In another, it’s attributed to Anna Quinlan, daughter of George A. Quinlan, a former superintendent of the Houston and Texas Central Railway Company.  And in a third story, another railroad official, C.P. Huntington, who built the Dallas-Dennison line, split the territory between his two daughters, Anna and Melissa lending their names to the two northern Collin County towns.

Anna is located on State Highway 5, Farm Road 455, and U.S. Highway 75 eleven miles northeast of McKinney in north central Collin County.

The 2000 Census recorded the city’s population at 1,225. Ten years later, it had gown to 8,249. Today it is close to 10,000 people. Together we honor our past, celebrate our present and dream about our future.